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Summer 2024

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» CARPENTER BEES! In recent years, we've seen a major influx of carpenter bees in the northeast. As the weather gets warmer, pest control companies will be fielding calls daily... [more]

Pest Tips and Facts

    • carpenter ants do more damage than termites... and faster, too!
    • insect damage is not covered by homeowner insurance.


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...to help you safely and economically maintain a pest free environment in and around your home.

This site has been developed to provide information about the various pests that you as a homeowner may encounter in or around the structure, methods of dealing with them and tips on the best way to prevent your house from coming under attack.


Incorporated in 1980, AAA Pest Control, Inc. serves the communities in the southeastern Massachusetts counties of Bristol and Norfolk. Though well qualified in the areas of pest control and IPM (integrated pest management), we specialize in single-episode exterminating.

Unlike the more tropical climates where the 'battle of the bugs' is on-going, New Englanders deal mainly with the occasional invasions of such things as termites, carpenter ants, mice, fleas and wasp/hornet nests. And, of course, there are the standard 'pantry pest' infestations.

However, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to go for years without requiring the services of a pest control company. When those occasions do arise, it is our feeling that they should be dealt with as isolated events and should certainly not be seen as requiring initiation of long term contractual obligations. Some might disagree and that's okay, too. We prefer to identify the problem, pinpoint the likely causes, eliminate the problem and offer suggestions for prevention of recurrence.


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